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Bali Today: Investor’s Colony

September 29, 2011

It’s wednesday evening at Adisutjipto Airport when I read this interesting topic in Jean Couteau’s Bali 2Day: Modernity. For your information, this book contain of several story about Balinese (social life, and their surrounding).

Bali 2Day: Modernity

On epilog section page 201 of that book, Jean wrote “And Balinese? With a few execption, their access to capital has largely depended on the level of their collaboration, economic and/or political, with the “center”.

It is obvious that most of Balinese who has access to capital were have power in political. Since they were in a political or power circle they have a lot of capital (money). But there is a question hang in my head about which of these are come first. Money or political power.

In next paragraph at the same page, Jean wrote “The Balinese have lost control over the economy of their island. The only field where they have retained dominance is the so-called field of “culture”: most notably in the dance, painting, museums, and hotels of Ubud area-all related to the branding and marketing of island as paradise for outsiders”.

“These investment from the world beyond the island created labor market demands that Balinese society and local institutions of learning could not possibly fulfill. Investor brought their own managers, foreign and domestic, and these managers brought their families” (Jean Couteau et al. 2005).

Lacking of requisite skills, educated Balinese were relegate either to secondary or “cultural” positions in the tourism industry, or jobs in the regional government. (Jean Couteau et al. 2005).

It was surprising me, even I have been living in Bali for almost 35 years I haven’t realized those reality until I read that book, it makes me sad. However, I’m still proud become Balinese.


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