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Klungkung Palace

March 26, 2008

The kingdom of Klungkung was considered to be the highest and most important among the other kingdoms of Bali. In 1710 Dewa Agung, the Raja of Gel Gel and the highest of Bali, moved to Klungkung and build a new palest (puri). The city was already known at that time for its arts, painting, dancing and music. At the end of the 18th century “KERTA GOSA”, the hall of justice had been erected within the middle of an artificial lake and is still today a document of the Klungkung style for architecture and painting. Kerta Gosa was the supreme court of Bali, and all of the cases which couldn’t be solved are sent over here. Three Brahma priests preceeded this court and they had been known to have the hardest sentences all over the island. The convicts (as well as the visitors today) have time to let pass their eyes over the ceiling where the different punishments are illustrated if they are pledged guilty. The puri (the palest) of Gel Gel was destroyed by the Netherlands’s army after having won in a bloody victory against the Balinese, who fought in a “PUPUTAN” (until death of the last combatant – including women and children) of 18th of April 1908. The paintings of Puri Kerta Gosa is one of the outstanding examples of the Kamasan (or Wayang)-style.


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